Action, Collaboration, & Innovation


Beth Israel residents and faculty are encouraged to take action on the local, state and national level to improve equitable access to health care. Linda Prine, MD at a speak out with medical students at a Health Care Access - Occupy Wall Street demonstration.


Beth Israel Residents and Attendings ran a Birth Control Clinic and Sexual Health Fair organized by Law students for Reproductive Justive to fight inequities in University provided health insurance.


Program Director, Andreas Cohrssen, MD, participating in a Health Care for All march throughout lower Manhattan. Beth Israel Residents joined the march as part of their Wednesday afternoon educational sessions.



All BIFP residents are members of the American Academy of Family Physicians. As a residency chapter BIFP's resident delegates vote on New York State AFP policy at the annual Council of Delegates in Albany, NY.


Attending and BIFP resident at Society for Teachers of Family Medicine Pre-Doctoral Education Conference presenting research on Emergency Contraception.

BIFP resident at National Medical Students for Choice Conference, teaching a medical student about MVA on a papaya model.
Health Care for the Homeless
Washington Irving High School
School Based Health Center

Residents participate in the weekly Women's Health / Procedure Session where they learn endometrial biopsies, polyp removal, diaphragm fitting, IUD placement and more. At right Attending, Dr. Linda Prine reviews the technique for IUD placement with BIFP resident.

Electronic Medical Records


All BIFP residents train in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Dr. Ben Kligler, Research Director and provider at The Center for Health & Healing.



BIFP residents established their own Beth Israel Residency Chapter of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians -- the local New York County Academy of Family Physicians (NYC-AFP) holds its chapter meetings at IFH.


All BIFP residents receive training in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics.