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The center of the outpatient curriculum at the Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Practice is the Phillips Family Practice. The Practice, which opened in 1995, is located at the Institute for Family Health in the heart of Union Square, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City .

Site of the famous Greenmarket, the diversity of communities that converge in Union Square is emblematic of the diversity of patients that our residents care for every day. Patients come from many ethnic backgrounds and are of varying ages. Many patients receive Medicaid or have no insurance; some are recent immigrants with complex medical and psychosocial needs.

The practice has 16 exam rooms, a treatment room, two nursing stations, two labs, and a conference room/library. In addition, the building houses the administrative offices of the residency program and the Institute for Family Health. Phillips Family Practice received approximately 28,000 visits in 2003. Though the majority of Phillips' patients come from surrounding neighborhoods, some come from all over the city, often through referrals from Beth Israel Medical Center. Our residents, faculty, and staff offer a full range of services, including:

  • Primary Care and physical exams for newborns, infants, children, and adults
  • Women’s Health Services including prenatal care, gynecology exams, PAP tests, family planning/contraceptive counseling, STD screening, and breast exams
  • Obstetrics , including prenatal care
  • Men’s Health Services including prostate exams and testing, testicular exams, and STD screening
  • HIV Services including medical care and testing, health education, and counseling for HIV+ adults and those who care for them
  • Alternative Medicine such as herbal therapies and relaxation techniques
  • Social Work provides help in obtaining insurance, benefits, and other services; alcohol and drug counseling referrals; child development evaluations, and more
  • Mental Health Services: psychiatry, psychiatric medications, individual and family therapy
  • Health Education: nutrition and exercise, diabetes management and prevention, stress reduction, and more

Residents are integral members of a health care team which includes attendings, nurse practitioners, nursing staff, and nutritional and social work services. Each resident is assigned to a team at the beginning of residency. Teams function to discuss and manage difficult patients, provide better continuity for obstetric care, and undertake quality improvement activities to improve the care provided in the clinic. Residents are responsible for their own panel of patients. Faculty members, community physicians and subspecialists act as preceptors. In addition, residents work closely with pharmacists and behavioral scientists and precept difficult cases for point-of-care learning.

In July 2004, the Phillips Family Practice implemented EpicCare, a comprehensive medical record system that will vastly simplify and change the outpatient practice. Each exam room, nursing area, and precepting area has access to a computer workstation, allowing the practitioner to access the electronic medical record at every stage of the visit.

Procedures are performed during regular clinic sessions and in a weekly procedure clinic. Residents have the opportunity to learn gynecologic procedures and colposcopy, anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, and skin procedures.